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Lending Terms & Guidlines


Blue Matrix Holdings designs creative financing solutions that can be closed within 10-30 days.


Blue Matrix Holdings will make every effort to respond to your loan request within 24 hours of receipt.


Loan Types: First mortgage or deed of trust

Loan to Value: Up to 65% of appraised value


Loan Maturities: 6 to 60 months; extensions available

Amortization: Generally interest only for maturities less than 24 months

Loan Purposes: Purchase, refinances (rate/term & cash-out), recapitalizations, capital improvements and other opportunistic situations.

Properties Types: Non-owner occupied residential, industrial, multi-family, mixed-use, warehouse, office, retail, hotel, motel, churches, and gas stations.  

Locations: United States


Origination Fee: 5-7%

Interest Rate: 12% 

Deposit Amount: Enough for appraisal, title, and legal. If the loan doesn’t close, any unused deposit amount will be returned.



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